When I woke up one morning. I saw that a water leak made my whole house flooded. AS the water reached the avenue it Caused damage to my neighbors. From there I am interested in the problems with the water that the cities have. In Colombia, 42 percent of drinking water is lost on its journey from the water utility company to the point of use, due to leakages and inadequate infrastructure. In Europe, between 22 and 30 percent of water for human consumption is lost. In 2030, global water demand will exceed by 40 percent the total available. London is one of the 11 largest cities in the world most likely to run out of drinking water. GreenyWave is a smart device installed on the conventional meter and connected to the network that will help you to Save money. Have access to online readings and online consumption data. No change meter Save water Detect leaks early to avoid waste Monitor 24/7 Leaks Alert BE connected. Connected with bi-directional communication that enables connections with other IoT devices in a customer’s home. Open / Close valve to cut water