GreenyWave – say goodbye to water waste

Jimmy Aguirre, a Colombian Leaders in Innovation Fellowships (LIF) entrepreneur, is piloting GreenyWave, an IoT (internet of things) device which works alongside traditional water meters and aims to reduce water waste. We interviewed him about his innovation, his achievements since participating in LIF and his lessons learned:

Can you briefly describe your innovation and tell us what inspired you to create it?
One morning I got out of bed early, turned on the light and saw the whole house was flooded. I went out to the balcony and saw that there was water in the street, and in several of my neighbours’ properties, creating a lot of expensive damage.

I began researching water issues, and discovered that around 42% of the water supply in Colombia is lost. This is a global problem, with 22 – 30% of water lost from European water systems. Surprising to some, London is recognised as one of the 11 major cities most at risk of running out of water.


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