Energy Device
GreenyWave electronic
Greenywave as part of its Smart Grid portfolio, brings to the market an intelligent device called GreenyWave, attachable to existing Energy meters in order to provide all the benefits of a Smart Grid meter, such as intelligent reading, coded bidirectional communication, cuts and reconnections of the service, supply Intelligent energy, an option of world tendency but adapted to our continent; because we understand our region, our culture and we design the technology that assumes the challenges of recovery of losses, decrease of operating costs and increase of the productivity of the commercial management. GreenyWave smart device can work with different working modes, prepaid, AMR advanced remote metering, AMI advanced metering infrastructure that operates remotely in real time, in programmed mode to ensure the supply of smartly and in any combination of the above modes. It is equipped with a 2.4GHz transmitter, higher frequency than that used in ordinary 433MHz AMR meters, this allows the transmission to be made at much lower power using less energy and at levels that do not disturb other devices or generate important electromagnetic fields already which uses one tenth of the power of the WI-FI modem in your home.
The System Provides the Following Advantages
  • Our device is compatible with multiple electronic meters allowing the installation in a large group of users without investing in new meters.
  • The device is adaptable to a large number of meters that you probably already have installed in your city like: xiz ddsy86, Elektromed A5, GOMELONG DDS5558, general electric FM2S, IUSA CP-05-16S, Holleyintl DDS28-Y, CHNT / chint DDS666, HIKING DTS (X) 238, CELUX CET-D238-A, LINYANG DDS71 and in general any pre-equipped meter.
  • The network system used by the device can connect to other products in the Smart Grid network. As reactive energy meters, line voltages, instantaneous consumption, temperature and measure the quality of service.
  • Our meter is compatible with other intelligent devices such as voltage meters, power quality, temperature on the line, disconnectors, remote census, cut and reconnection.
  • Data analysis allows the ControlBlood software to identify possible points of fraud or leakage.
  • It is highly adaptable and can be installed in different locations even at a distance, by locating the smart device at the main point of supply, for example the distribution post, from where the service is conducted to the home where a remote screen has been installed showing the information. This largely avoids the possibility of intervention for fraud purposes.
  • The device is designed to be an integral part of the Smart Grid network that forms the smart city network “Smart City” which is the way of connectivity of smart cities, a global trend towards where advances technologies at the Global level. This provides a really long life expectancy to the system and allows integration with future devices.
  • Establish consumption profiles to plan in advance the efficient availability of the service.
  • The device can be configured between various working modes or combinations of them as required by the company.
  • Our meter is designed for our region, we understand our culture and that is why the GreenyWave system has excellent hardware and software resources to prevent modification and intervention of both the system and meters, credit means, reclosers and supply lines that do not has been authorized.
  • In conjunction with the software, dynamic tariffs can be established for the provision of the service, allowing billing at prices that depend on the demand for the time slot.